To efficiently plan new races with built-in workflow:
  1. Click on the bottom left + button
  2. Select a RaceHQ Race Template
  3. Enter race name and race date
    Do not include periods, forward slashes, nor apostrophes in the race name. This will cause an error when syncing your race calendars. The ampersand (&) is acceptable. 
To easily identify your race in the Race Stack, use 3-4 characters in the Race Abbreviation field and add race logo. Go to SettingsAll Races → More Menu ⋮ → Edit.

RaceHQ will automatically calculate recommended due dates for all 75 projects based on a 12-month planning cycle.

You will need to review all projects and assigned due dates and modify as necessary. Upon review, you may like to go ahead and begin assigning projects and tasks to your Race Crew members. If you have not yet invited your team members to RaceHQ Race Crew, you will need to do that before you can begin assigning projects and tasks.

Polish one race template first (i.e. update your project dates, add tasks, etc.), then clone it for your other races!

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