Cloning a race is convenient way of creating a new race by duplicating an existing race's projects and tasks.

To clone a race:

  1. Click on the bottom left + button
  2. Click From Existing Race (Clone)
  3. Select an existing race
  4. Enter a name and date for your new race and click the "Clone Race" button. 
    (It may take more than a few seconds to complete this. There's a lot of information being copied if your event has a lot of projects and tasks.)

The new race will clone all the projects and tasks, as well as the owner, collaborators, function, and priority settings.

The dates for the new projects and tasks will have the correct relative dates based upon the event that you have cloned from. For example, if a task was due 45 days prior to the race date of the old race, it will be 45 days prior to the race date of your new race.

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